99 Cent Store

So my grocery shopping routine has changed now that I am making less money than I used to. I go to the 99 Cent store first, Trader Joe’s second, and then Safeway or where ever…I’ll probably start checking Grocery Outlet soon too. The 99 Cent Store has some awesome finds…you just have to keep checking. … Continue reading 99 Cent Store


    So quick little note. I have been making my own cold brew coffee because: 1. It’s expensive to buy everyday and 2. because it’s hot and I want my iced coffee rn. It’s been fun and I really enjoy it with almond milk creamer…MMMM!!!   Anyways I was cleaning out the grounds and … Continue reading Coffeeeee


Hey! I’m alive! Job – check! Apartment- check! Yay! It’s super cute and I’m so happy to have my own space! It’s been crazy, but I’m happy it happened and is over haha I’ve been struggling with acne lately. Not sure how much is: cheese, stress, hormones, or my face wash… I’ve been trying to … Continue reading Moved