Hey! I’m alive!

Job – check!

Apartment- check!


It’s super cute and I’m so happy to have my own space!

It’s been crazy, but I’m happy it happened and is over haha

I’ve been struggling with acne lately. Not sure how much is: cheese, stress, hormones, or my face wash… I’ve been trying to be careful about dairy, but I’ve definitely had come pizza… I’ve also been a stressed. I stopped using my Fourth Ray cleaning gel and just use the toner, oil, and cream… I don’t know why, but I felt like the gel might be a factor. It’s gotten a little bette, but with all that’s going on it’s hard to tell what’s causing it. Anyways I’m always learning and figuring out how to care for my body haha

I’ll try and get my hands into something new soon! I’m itching to snatch up some new cosmetics!

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