Body Butter Update

Body Butter Update

I uh worked on the body whip again and well..I didn’t make it worse. Or really better.

Hahah! We lost power Valentine’s Day and I decided I was bored so I should try and re-whip my concoction. I added a little more coconut oil because in my head it made sense and I’m not sure why. Anyways I warmed it up on a heater we were running with a generator. When it got soft enough I put some muscle in and whipped it smooth. YAY!

I should have known it would just get hard again… It’s really smooth and smells good, but it is not something I can dip a finger in and feel some awesome whippy blend. Eh I’ll figure it out eventually.

Any and all tips appreciated!


Side note: I love Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil in Pure Vanilla Bean. This is a guilty pleasure. It about $35 a jar. I LOVE how it smells! LIKE SO MUCH. Its got a great texture and it hydrates well enough. It has the Sephora “Clean” stamp which means that over time customers have made a list of ingredients they wish to avoid and this product meets the requirements. Not all products at Sephora are “clean” and the products marked “clean” are not perfectly organic or chemical free. I totally appreciate the direction they are going and that I can see the products with less garbage in them.

I will stick to this until I perfect my own whip or find a better (cheaper??) one..hopefully a lotion that smells as good as this does haha


Body Butter/ Whip

Body Butter/ Whip

Welllll… I tried to make a body lotion thing…

I’ve done it before with mild success, but this time I got impatient and interrupted.

I didn’t measure anything either! Haha!

So I stumbled across my bag of organic cocoa butter and thought: “hey let’s see if you can make something good enough to replace your $35 body butter!”

I can’t.

Anyways, I put a mix of coconut oil and the cocoa together and tried to whip it. It was too melted so I stuck it in the freezer to firm up and left it too long. Part of it whipped, part of it hardened.

So I have a jar of a mixture that smells great, but doesn’t just spread haha

I’ll try and fix it later and maybe eventually follow an actual recipe.

For now.. don’t do what I did hahaha